Introduction~ <3

Hi there everyone, my name is Casey!  I'm 15 and I live in eastern MD.  My favorite style of lolita is sweet lolita, and I haven't begun wearing lolita yet but I plan on getting my first pieces of lolita clothing for Christmas.  I'm starting to get into communities now in case I have any questions!! If any of you have a tumblr, mine is mercuriouser <3  I hope that I'll get to know all of you dolls!
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Anime USA Meetup!!!!!!

I was thinking that we should have a swap meet and those who aren't swapping can't just converse with other Lolita's. After swapping and such maybe we could grab a bite and wander around around the dealers room. Then even later maybe we all could attend the Ringmasters Ball in our fancys. If you're interested comment bellow.
Once the schedule comes out I'll have more details.


I really want to go to a meetup. I'm sure I'm not the only one ? So I'd like to know if anyone would be interested in planing a meetup with me. Maybe for anime USA? Or maybe even Halloween? Just Pm me if your interested!!!
indecent amoral I like that

Warning: Introduction post and MDRF

Name: Nicki
Age: 16
Place of residence: Anne Arundel County
Style: slightly OTT gothic with bits of classic. The only exclusively lolita dress I own is covered in skeletons, though... :)
How long have you been dressing in lolita?: a few months, though I've been stalking forums for years.

just noticed how many similarities there are between me and the previous poster... sightly weird, actually :P

Are there any plans for meetups in the future as of now? the dc group hasn't had one since march, and neither has this group, so far as I can tell. I'm busy almost every weekend until October unless we want one at the MD Renaissance Festival (which would be awesome... in fact, I could be convinced to help set it up, even though I likely couldn't attend for most of the day.  People would have to pay some visits, though. I know for a fact that at least two lolitas work at the fair. Also, sturdy shoes...)

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Name: Karina
Age: 16, turning 17 this July! C:
Place of residence: Anne Arundel County
Style: Gothic and Classical Lolita
How long have you been dressing in lolita?:
I only just started wearing lolita this year, I'm very new, but I've learned a lot and already have several items, with more on the way! *u*
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lolita vanity

International Lolita Day Winter 2012

Yes, I know it's super early but I really want for the next ILD to be amazing and huge! I've seen some of the other Lolita communities (most notably the Russian and BC Lolita communities) always have a huge party I think we in combination with the Maryland Lolita have plently of frillies to make a party! So, I'm starting to plan everything no since I want it to be big. Though I can't do it alone; if some of you ladies and gentlemen would be willing to help I would be greatful.

First, though, is ideas of what to do! Post any ideas you have for ILD Winter 2012 and when I have enough I'll make a poll with options.

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Name: Amanda, but on here you can call me Edelweiss, Edel or Eddy

Age: 18

Place of residence: Washington county

Style: I like classic, country, sailor and steam

How long have you been dressing in lolita?: I'm in the middle of making my first skirt and pannier which I will be wearing to Otakon as part of a steampunk Poison ivy cosplay and then after that I will use it to complete my first co-ord.
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