Lady Kele-De (swandust) wrote in md_grandeur,
Lady Kele-De

Ascension at Club Orpheus: May 15- Twilight Lolita Tea Party

(There may be a new event added to this schedule and will update the flier once it is confirmed)

Ascension has loads to offer to everyone for the month of May! Celebrate the holiday of Bealtaine or May Day (Whichever you like) with us on May 1st! Everyone, as usual, is welcome! Back by popular demand: The Twilight Lolita Tea Party Hosted by Virginia Faith of Tainted Reality on May 15th will feature loads of tea's & treats for all Lolita's! We encourage Lolita's (Gothic, Punk, Hime, Kuro, Shiro, Wa & more!) to attend this event and there will be loads of photo opps! On May 29th, we are happy to be giving away a few copies of the new Projekt 2009 compilation featuring brand new tracks by Tearwave, Voltaire, Katzenjammer Kabaret & more! Also, we will be joined by guest dj Sean_D (aka Sean of the Dead) of Baltimore's newest monthly Industrial event Volgothic! We hope that you join us as Ascension and please spread the word! :D

Please check out Steven Archers band Ego Likeness as he & his wife Donna tour throughout May! He won't be djing with Ascension this month so we send off our best wishes for a fun & memorable tour! Check and see if they are coming to your town!


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