absinthewilde (absinthewilde) wrote in md_grandeur,

Metamorphose parasol for cheap sale needs repairs

If any of you are handy or know how to fix umbrellas I have a Metamorphose parasol from the Happy Cake line I need to get off my hands.  My cat got to it so there are a couple tears in it but it is not damaged enough to warrant throwing it away.  I'm too lazy to figure out how to fix it or pay someone else to do it so I actually used this all last summer even with the damage but I just got another parasol so I am hoping someone can benefit from this.  I am asking $10 for it and the reason I am posting this to a local community is so we can do a local pickup.  I have no idea how I would ship this safely so this is the best option I think.  I am located in Baltimore city.  Pictures can be seen here http://pics.livejournal.com/absinthewilde/gallery/0001721d

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