November 13th, 2013


Oh gosh, there hasn't been a post here in ages. I hope you guys are still active here! Anyway, on to introductions!

My name is Laura Palazzo and I just moved to Maryland last year (Eldersburg, Carroll County near Baltimore). Previous to living here, I have lived in England my entire life! I got into Lolita years ago but, let's be honest, I looked like a hot mess, as seen below.


This put me off the style until now, and I want to pick it up again. I recently found my dream dress being sold so obviously I snapped it up! I got the Day Dream Carnival OP in Lavender. So far, it will be the only thing in my wardrobe but I hope to expand a lot in the coming years. I would love to get concrit from all you that have been doing this longer than myself!

I would really love to make some frill friends. Please drop me a message anytime, to chat or even if you just want someone to complain to if no-one else is about! I don't bite - I hope to hear from everyone!