December 30th, 2009

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Siobhan's Birthday Bash

Alright Ladies and... Ladies. February 2nd is Siohban's birthday! More commonly known as absinthewilde !

Myself and Kimmah are going to be hosting a Birthday Party Meet Up. Our destination is the American Museum of Natural History, for all our dinosaur and caveman needs.

+ When - January 31st, 2010. At noon. We'll meet just inside the front doors so as not to freeze.
+ Where - American Museum of Natural History, 601 Independence Avenue Southwest, Washington, DC 20472
+ Why - For an awesome birthday bash.
+ Money - I would recommend bringing around $40, at your discression, the museum asks for a donation but you dont have to, but other videos n things you have to pay for, also for food and or the gift shop, it's good to just come prepaired.
+ Contact - 301-467-2149 If your running late or can't find us or anything! Or for any questions.

I would recommend taking the metro, quite a few of us are meeting at my house and taking one car into the metro and riding together. We'll be going back to my house to watch movies and have snacks and hangout. Anyone who is interested is invited, but my house is a bit small. XD

Guest List...
- fishiesg0pook 
- absinthewilde 
- spiralred 
- morci  + 1 (Evan)
- cholerickimmah 
- lady_lunacy  - maybe
- wazzra 
- envirion 
- kalisafish 
- blood_starz 
- akina_nii 
- tiny_ichigo + 1
- opiatevampire 

I dont know what happened, when I first edited the post and added the guest list a ton of information was deleted, so I hope I added everything right now.