September 13th, 2009


Hello everyone, my name is Skylar and I’m new to the community. I’m 17, female, and currently residing in Washington DC as a college freshie majoring in fashion design, one of my loves. I’ve always loved Lolita but am normally broke so I haven’t until recently been able to participate in true Lolita style though I don’t have a complete outfit yet. Tomorrow my mom’s bringing me my sewing machine and dress form so I can start draping a pattern for one I’m willing to put money into. Very exciting I think this time it will actually work out. xD

Anywho, I’d love to go to some meet ups though I have limited transportation as I don’t have a car on campus and can only get around by bus or metro so anything outside the city’s limits would be difficult for me but you never know, I may find a way.

Also, I’ve been wanting to place an order with bodyline since they’ve got some adorable and affordable shoes but I don’t want to pay for the entire shipping so would anyone be interested in a group order where we sort through the stuff at a meetup?

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Birthday Sleeeeeeepova! O.O

I was wondering..... Whenever the next meetup is and I "finally" get to meet everyone would
be interested in going to my birthhday sleepover? Lol, unfortunately its not until
December, But I was wondering if it would really be worth the time and effort
Im planning to make my own Lolita dresses especially for the Occassion, and Im treating everyone to IceSkating.
But if noone was able to attend the actual sleepover, would anyone
to come out with me to Georgetown for a nice day out
Its just a suggestion in its planning stages right now. But it would be nice to hear everyones opinions on the matter.
Thankyou Bunches in Advance! <3