July 28th, 2009

Lolita Tattoos

This was asked about a little while ago and I was just giving it some thought.   I would go for something on the smaller side to start with.
Flowers come to mind first.  But butterflies and fairies would be cute too.   That being said you could also do a cupcake, cherries, etc.
I got my firt tat when I was much older and it's a Celtic knot.   I would love to have a Totoro tat done. 

You should also think about where you want it placed.  I favor the forearm, ankle, or shoulder.   The upperarm  looks too, too manish.

I've seen work from the Tattoo Musuem and they do wonderful work.  Any artist should be able to draw out what you might want and will
suggest size and colors too.
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Meet Up Inquiry!

I was wondering about two things...

#1 How many people might be interested in a roller skating rink meet up? I LOVE roller skating, and have always wanted to do it in lolita, but I'd feel better if other people were with me! ^_^

SO here are the different place we could do it, if your interested vote for where you want it to be held...
(a) Hagerstown - Turner's Skating Palace
(b) Lanham - Seabrook Roller Skating Rink
(c) Pasadena - Pasadena Roller Skating Center
(d) Gambrills - Skate Zone
(e) Baltimore - Shake and Bake Family Fun Center

It would probably be for a Friday or Saturday Night thing.

#2 I really want to host my National Zoo meet up(which I really want to make an annual thing), but I want to wait until late August, early September when it's cooler out, last year was just WAY too hot. It will also probably be on a Saturday or Sunday.

I'm just curious as to how many people want to participate in these things. The DC Zoo adventure would be open to all MD/DC/VA lolitas, so I'd probably post it in nova too!