June 25th, 2009

Reynold's Tea House in Annapolis Meetup

I just wanted to see if anyone was interested in meeting at the Reynold's Tea House on Church Circle in Annapolis. Afternoon tea (a pot of tea, scones with cream and preserves, savory sandwiches and mini quiches, and mini desserts to finish) is $16, but anyone is welcome to get anything they want that's less expensive, of course. The tea house is really small, so it might not be suitable for a huge meet, but I was wondering if anyone in the area (or anyone who can make it) would like to have tea in lolita clothing one day? There's a really cheap parking garage near the Visitor's Center, which is right near the tea house, too! We can all walk around downtown afterwards and talk, even though there aren't that many interesting stores.... it's mainly eateries. There are only 2 interesting botiques that I've found. X3

We could also just meet at Quiet Waters Park and do an outdoor picnic with tea...! I can make scones and cakes, and tuna melts .... if anyone else would want to make other treats to bring, then that'd be great, too! After tea and chat, we could go to the Harbor Center to peruse the books in the big Barnes and Noble...? Or maybe head down to the Annapolis Mall...? There's tons to do and I know the area really well. <3

I have no idea when I can get out of work at Forever 21, but maybe we can all coordinate our schedules? I really, really want to meet everyone! T_T ( Of course, if it turns out that I can't come but everyone else finds a day that works, than feel free to hijack the plans. X3 ) 

Maybe sometime in mid July...? 
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