June 17th, 2009

Colorful Paris Windows

Artomatic Update

SO! I have a bit of bad news. I was wondering if anyone might be able to host the meet up instead of me.

I thought my family wouldnt want to do anything for Father's Day but now they've changed their minds and we might be. So I dont want to ditch eveyone last minute. If someone else who was planning to attend might want to host it in case I can't make it. It's really simple, just take everyone around, floor by floor to just check out the art and take pictures.

Thanks in advance. And I'll be around to talk and answer questions for anyone who need 'em.

Kawaiilolibunny sent me a message but has something enabled so I cant reply. Here is my reply:

Hey! Yeah its open to anyone and everyone, theres no ID check at the door. But I would warn that a LOT of the exibits are not child friendly. A lot of them have nudity, and one has photos of stuffed animals killing themselves... so not so kid friendly.

And sadly, if someone else doesn't offer to host the meet up I may have to cancel it. I didn't think my family would want to do anything on father's day. But it turns out they just might.