June 12th, 2009

LV Panda

DC Pride this weekend!

Any of you lovely ladies coming to DC Pride this weekend? There is the parade Saturday evening and the street festival on Sunday. I know this is very last minute but why not show up in some fabulous frilly outfits and join in on the fun. xD!

Let me know soon and we can meet up!
(lolita is not a must, but I at least plan on wearing it lol)

Also RuPaul at TOWN Dance Club tonight! If anyone wants to come with me to that, tickets at door are $15 before 11pm and $20 after. There website: http://www.towndc.com/

It's also 18 and over to get in! So you younger peeps are welcome to join. Let me know and we should meet up! xD!

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baltimore harbor meetup

hi every one ^-^

My friends and I where planning to have a day and go to Baltimore harbor in our lolita.
I was wondering if anyone from here would be interested in joining us ^-^
it would be on a day between august 16-23,( since nothing is official yet ) if anyone would be
interested you can email me at flyintaterofdoom@aol.com and we can all plan together of what meet up place, what we would like to do,
dates, times and what not so everything is convenient for everyone who would like to attend ^-^

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