June 2nd, 2009


Tea By Two reminder!

I already sent messages to everybody that confirmed they wanted to come, but here's another little reminder about our lovely loli party at Tea By Two this Saturday, June 6!  Dress in your finest, Gothic or Lolita, let's have a great time!  I didn't realize it was national lolita day, how fortuitous!

I have 8 people confirmed, please send me a message today if you want to be added to the list!
morci +1

Here's the address and phone number!

814 S. Main Street
Bel Air, MD 21014

I can't wait to see everyone!  Don't forget, meet-up time is 11, so hopefully if you still want to go to other events on that day (I understand a few are being organized) there should still be some time.  Reservation should be under my name, Lauren, but we get a private room, so it shouldn't be hard to find us!

See you all Saturday!

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I have updated and changed some things about the plans for the meetup. We will be meeting at 12pm instead of 11am and we will be meeting at Teaism instead of the metro stop. We will also be having a vote at Teaism to better decide how we want to spend the day afterward.

Sorry for the changes, I was having transportation issues and this is the only way I can smooth out the bumps in it.

I will be updating the post with my phone number later in the week in case anyone needs to contact me. Also, if you have any questions then feel free to ask me.

If you have not RSVP'd and would like to, then please leave a comment over in my journal entry.