May 9th, 2009

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DC,MD,VA Lolita Mad Tea Party at George Town Cupcakes

DC,MD,VA Lolita  Mad Tea Party at George Town Cupcakes


Hello My Sisters And brothers In lace and Frill

</a></b></a>heykyutie and I  are hosting a meetup in George Town at George Town cupcakes a very beautiful delicious place to meet up at. it is going to be a Mad tea party ( Because well I’m insane like lol)  It will be on the 30th of may but we are still deciding on the time, this little event will also be potluck and poetry readings (Lolita inspired poetry of course), my lolitas who write poetry Pm me about it! Also we might be needing a little more help! So if you want to help out Pm as well , with also have dress code, it black white or pink! you can where both of any colors or all or just a single color! feel free to bring you freinds as along they are dressed in semi Lolita or Dandy.

Hope to see you at this event!