~je t'adore! IKB (ipukekawaii) wrote in md_grandeur,
~je t'adore! IKB

Nice to meet you all! ^.^

Great day ladies! My name is Imani K. Brown. I'm an artistic (everyday, bittersweet & ((usu)) natural) lolita in the DC area. I've had live journal for a while and recently joined the communities to meet more lollita friends and become more active.

I tattoo by trade on DC and currently working on my tattoo & kawaii lifestyle art brand , Indian Pussy Brand. I want more people to (at the very least) know how wonderful lolita is. I know that sounds corny, but 'tis true ^.^
My favorite slice of life is probably dressing full Lolita some weekends and tattooing ^.^

Anywhoo, here's a couple flicks in some of my favorite Lolita looks and I hope we can be friends.

Very nice to meet you all >^.*<


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